All of the Healers who support the centre have trained for a minimum of 2 years through an accredited Healing Course which ewe are now lucky to be able to teach.


Our  Healers have worked  for many years so there is a huge amount of exeprience and knowledge with in the group. As we live such busy lives with little time to relax, the everyday experiences of highs and lows are often disgregarded as "get on with it", or being still is taken as a weakness or there is no time.

In our understanding it is vital to unwind as we rejuvenate and replenish our systems from day to day living. Healing gives us the recalibrtation of our systems that we need. Healing is a gentle and non invasive therapy that allows our natural rejuvenative process to work and support us.


All of our Healers work as a team, working together to offer a space and place where people can come together to unwind in a caring and confidential environment. Sharing a friendly and supportive group who really care...

We work on a first come basis and no one will mind if you wish to wait for the Healer of your choice, time allowing...We work from 7-9pm every Thursday

June O'Neil


June has been a  Healer for most of her adult life. Brining her natural caring way to many who appreciate her ability to understand life and what can lead to the school of hard knocks, and the damage that life can leave in its wake. 

June has many therapies in her hands but chooses to use her Healing as her priority to help others.

Pattie Greenberg


Pattie has worked as a Healer for over 20 years bringing comfort and support to many clients who have come to us in Bushey or to Rainbow Healing Centre in Northwood. Pattie has a practical and honest way that  gives hope and reasoning to many difficult situations.

Pattie also works as  Spirit Artist bringing your Spirit inspirers to life in Art

Sejal Lodhia


Sejal is a gentle Healer who works naturally and with confidence. Brining her warmth and

tenderness to each client. Sejal also works as a Yoga Teacher locally in Northwood